One Moment In A Pandemic

Today I stopped for just a moment amid the chaos of life and quieted my mind using a technique I will outline in a future article. I did not experience happiness. I did not experience sadness. No emotions forced unwanted thoughts to the surface. I was able to just be. For a moment.

No matter what is happening in life . . . Good things. Bad things. Boring things. Unwanted things. All "things." No matter what is happening in life, we can choose to focus our minds in a direction that brings a smile to our face. My smile, in that moment, came simply from that amazing truth - one moment, one smile brings you back onto the path to happiness. And I followed up that thought with other thoughts that made me smile today:

An amazing bike ride along a great little trail next to a creek.

A puppy that had people laughing and smiling as they walked past, reluctantly but graciously keeping their 6 feet of distance.

A hummingbird that my girlfriend and I watched, wings-a-blur, rocketing from flower to flower with amazing agility and grace.

A Facebook Messenger call I had with one of my daughters during which she changed her face into an alien, a unicorn and a rainbow spewing fairy. We didn't say much but we both smiled and laughed a lot.

And that's just the beginning of the list. Isn't the conclusion interesting? When you look for things in life to smile at - you find them. When you look for reasons why a moment is good - you find it.

Don't get me wrong. These are tough times. I get it. Yet life is not defined by the days or the months or even the years. Life is defined by the moments. My brother Steve summed it up great - "life is all about finding perfect moments."

Right now.
In this moment.
What can you focus on that makes you smile?


That's how it begins. And before you know it - you will be one of those unreasonable people that smiles all the time.

Life is meant to be fun. Let's make it so.

With passion,

Mark Hiatt

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