Fast and Furious Happiness

Here's the question we all should be asking ourselves on a regular basis:

How can I be happy right now?

Not tomorrow. Not after I get a job. Not after I find a relationship, or the pandemic ends, or my financial condition improves, or . . .


Ask powerful questions and you tend to receive powerful answers. I have been experimenting with a simple, yet powerful mind-filler for the past month and I have very much enjoyed the results. The idea is this:

When you notice your mind start to drift and thoughts fill your head - immediately direct your thoughts to an image of yourself standing with your chin up a little, face pointing toward the horizon. If there was a sunset you noticed and you tilted your head up to look at it - that's about how your head is tilted. Slowly spread a smile across your face in the image you are creating of yourself. Allow that smile to turn into full on, joy-filled laughter. The kind of laughter that you experienced as a kid where you just couldn't stop laughing. (Now hopefully, you still have those moments as an adult - but that's another article.)

Too often we are looking for happiness to choose us. We say, "I'll be happy when my conditions are met." And we say it with a straight face. We are not joking in the slightest. We say it like the world owes us happiness. Happiness doesn't choose you - you choose happiness. And you can choose happiness regardless of your circumstances.

You want fast and furious happiness? Get in the habit of filling your mind purposefully rather than allowing it to drift. As for this little happiness technique? If you build the habit of filling your mind with the images described above whenever your mind drifts you will enjoy all the benefits of real happiness and laughter. Your mind doesn't know the difference between an image you create and the actual experience when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of smiling and laughing.

Take the happiness journey with me right now. Try this little technique out for a month and send me an e-mail with the results.

With peace and happiness,



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