Welcome! Let the happiness experiments begin.

Yes, I wrote a book on happiness.

No, it does not have all the answers you seek.

However, the book gives you a launching point. It gives you the understanding you need to begin taking control of your path to happiness. And, I highly recommend you start there.

So if the book starts your journey - what does this blog do?

This blog fuels the fire. This blog keeps you focused on the ultimate goal:

Living a life where you are in the habit of happiness.

Does this mean you are happy all the time? No. Just most of the time. Experiencing a full range of emotions is healthy. That means you are living life. But hanging out in lower path emotions like fear, anger, anxiety and numerous other emotions that don't, long-term, serve you - that is neither healthy or fun. Happiness habits give you control over your emotions and your life.

In this blog you will find:

1. Documented experiments. That's right, you get to live through my own experiments, successes and failures as I continue my journey. What would happen if you spent an entire day laughing hysterically every half-hour on the hour? What might you feel at the end of the day if you wrote down a different thing you are grateful for every 10 minutes for 10 straight hours? Every embarrassing and enlightening moment I experience will be bared for your entertainment and learning.

2. Insightful articles. There are many elements of happiness - we will explore them all.

3. Book reviews. When I decided I was going to be happy, I read about 20 books on the subject in the first month alone. And most of them were NOT helpful. But a few were truly amazing. Let's explore the resources together and talk about the practical benefits of each of them.

When are you going to start your journey? How about right now? Continue on to the next article.


Copyright 2019 by Mark Hiatt

For more information on creating happiness habits that allow you to recapture (or possibly capture for the first time) an intense love for life – buy Happiness for Practical People and learn to walk the path everyday.

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