How Do I Find Happiness?

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  • The Importance of Listening

    The Importance of Listening

    In a world where noise is constantly all around us, you’d think we’d all be expert listeners.  Turns out, we’re not.  As people with large responsibilities, we are often very busy and we are also naturally multi-tasking, trying to do four things at once hoping to find a happy life in between somewhere.  We are surrounded by distractions and noise at every turn.  We are constantly talking, tweeting, texting, beeping, chatting, or streaming.

  • Keeping in Contact with People you Don’t See Often

    Keeping in Contact with People you Don’t See Often

    Cultivating deep friendships can be one of the most rewarding aspects of living a happy life.  There are several opportunities in life to make and cultivate strong friendships.  If you take advantage of these opportunities and make the effort to keep in contact with the friends you’ve  made, you will find a much more fulfilling and happy life because you have plenty of people to share it with. 

  • Writing Letters

    Writing Letters

    For most people today, tweeting, chatting, and texting are the norm.  No longer do we use complete sentences, whole thoughts, or even entire words needed to relay a message; due to the advances of technology complete sentences were first reduced to short phrases and then to simple acronyms.  Technology has advanced our world to an unimaginable level, while technology often contributes to a happy life, it can also detract from it. 

  • A Gift to Yourself

    A Gift to Yourself

    Feed the kids, pick up the dry cleaning, care for the husband, clean the house, do the ironing, do the shopping, help a friend who is having problems, chauffeur the kids backwards and forwards, and maintain a full time job.

    Does the above look like your daily to-do list?

  • Find Something That You Have Always Been Interested In

    Find Something That You Have Always Been Interested In

    Adults often ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answers are always different and vary from year to year, but they are always something exciting that is sure to lead them to a happy life.  Very rarely will you hear a child explain that he or she would like to just sit at home and do nothing.  Children have the ability to dream big and to maintain passion in something they love like fire engines, cowboys, or space discovery. 

  • Buy Flowers

    Buy Flowers

    Men line up at the florist for two reasons.  Either it’s a holiday, or they are in trouble.  Although flowers may be seen as a stereotypical sign of remorse and repentance, scientific evidence shows there might be proof behind the cliché. 

  • Learn Something New

    Learn Something New

    When young children open their eyes for the first time, they immediately begin with a happy life and proceed to learn about the world around them.  As children grow they begin to learn more as they progress in their happy life. 

  • Book Club

    Book Club

    Join a Book Club

    Losing yourself in a good book is a great way to increase your mental and spiritual joy. Sharing that experience with others will enhance your joy and provide a piece of your happy life with others.  Gathering with others to discuss a great American novel or the latest trend in fiction can make reading even more enjoyable and interesting.  You may even find the answer to “how do I find happiness?” at your next book club meeting.

  • Take a Class

    Take a Class

    Learning isn’t just limited to something achieved in class or with a cap and gown.  Learning is something that should be continued throughout your life and can contribute to a successful happy life.  A single mom of two may benefit from a class in money management.  A successful CEO may decide she’d like to learn about photography.  Perhaps an elderly gentleman takes a coin collecting class in a nursing home while his grandson, who just graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree, continues to take

  • Happy Music

    Happy Music


    It’s often said that music is what feelings sound like, but can music actually help us find a happy life? Many studies say yes, it can. 

    Music can affect the brain in ways we are only beginning to understand.  In addition to helping you think better, analyze faster, and work more efficiently, good music can promote a more positive outlook and a happier life.

  • Goal Orientation

    Goal Orientation

    When Alice finds herself in Wonderland, she asks the Cheshire cat, "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" The cat replies, "That depends a good deal on where you want to go."  Without a specific goal in mind, it’s hard to know where to go.  Many who ask themselves, “How do I find happiness?”  may already know what they want -- they want a happy life.  The key in getting there is to set small goals that will

  • Canoeing


    If you’re looking for a new sport to tackle or a relaxing way to stay in shape, canoeing might be the answer you’re looking for.  Canoeing has long been renowned as a great way to exercise, but it might also be a great way to lead a happy life. 

  • People Who Do Live Longer

    People Who Do Live Longer

    The quest to live longer is often the answer to many who ask, “How do I find happiness?” Ironically, there are several regions around the world where people are known to live longer than the general population, and consequently, lead happier lives.  These areas of the world are special and unique in their own different ways and each can teach us a little more about leading a happy life. 

  • Socialize


    We’ve all had that moment in the grocery store checkout line, or waiting for an elevator when we endure an awkward silence, but what happens when the cashier greets you with a grin and strikes up a conversation, or a stranger in an elevator asks, “Where are you headed?” Out of politeness, you would generally force yourself to chitchat and may be taken aback at first, but then you feel curiously happy afterwards.

  • Broaden Your Horizons

    Broaden Your Horizons

    It has often been said that you’ll never succeed if you never try.  The truth is every accomplishment starts with the decision to try something new, to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons.  Trying new things is an essential part of finding happiness.  From your first steps to your first day of college and beyond, life is about trying new things to make a pathway for a happy life.